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"The Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management is an educational offering, based on practical foundations, aimed at reducing the distance between learning and profession to enable young people to enter and operate successfully in the largest Italian and multinational business realities. Sponsors and corporate partners contribute to active participation in teaching with testimonials and cases, international contests, study awards for deserving students and mentoring for the implementation of project work. The following are planned: classroom lectures, outdoor activities, business games, seminars, testimonials and company visits. Included in the Master's program is a University Postgraduate Course in Retail Management in Barcelona, one of the most global and dynamic cities in terms of the retail scenario. The collaboration with partner companies provides students with the opportunity to carry out first job placement activities, through internships from 4 to 6 months, in the different company areas in Italy and abroad."


Director of the Master's Program "Marketing, Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management"
and the Master's Program "Marketing & Digital Management of the Food Industry"
Full Professor of Strategic and International Marketing,
Branding and Business Economics and Management
Department of Management
SME - University of Turin

"In the Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management the quantitative area finds important space and supports the practical activity of sales organization and strategy.
It allows supporting the perception of market changes with a quantitative measure that guides the extent of adaptation of sales policies. It also makes it possible to match the choice of marketing actions with an appropriate appreciation of the effort--including economic effort--to be profitably allocated to the various initiatives.
Special attention is given to the valorization of the feedback that the market provides, studied by identifying and monitoring appropriate quality indicators"


Professor of Social Statistics
Department of Economic Social Sciences and Mathematical Statistics
School of Management and Economics - University of Turin

"I personally believe that participating in the Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management is more of a life experience than just a training course. The faculty, composed of university professors and business managers, work in close synergy, constantly updating content and propositional methods. The days pass in a succession of feelings that allow participants to become true protagonists in a scenario that seems more like it belongs to a group of corporate colleagues than to a normal classroom dynamic. Our young people know well that team spirit and common goal are the key to effective learning and acquiring skills, so they work tirelessly. And the end of the work? It is never a detachment but the beginning of a journey as the newly "mastered" are welcomed into the CDVM Youth Group where they strengthen their network and begin to take their first steps as "Aspiring Managers."

Antonio De Carolis

Chairman of CDVM Club Dirigenti Vendite e Marketing at Unione Industriale di Torino

The Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management was ALSO created to provide a concrete response to a real market need, to train future RETAIL MANAGERS, high-level professional figures who will have to follow the complex markets of large-scale retail and GDS and able to effectively intervene in strategic and operational decisions on the entire path that leads to customer conquest.

How do you develop the path and what are the actions to be taken to win over the customer?
Starting with specific events and original ideas to urge the customer to enter the store, you will have to create showcases and impressive spaces that intrigue and invite them to enter. It should be continued by stimulating the customer's attention to individual products. But not only that. Fundamental will be the care of his shopping experience, which must be pleasant if not exciting. In addition, it will be basic to incentivize customer loyalty so that they return to the store for new purchases. Finally, ways will have to be found to trigger positive word-of-mouth referrals to others.

Employment and professional outlets.
Despite the crisis, large-scale retail and GDS continue to grow and need trained RETAIL MANAGERS and offer good employment and career prospects. But not only that. The RETAIL MANAGEMENT specialist will also have his or her way open in other important RETAIL jobs: Merchandiser, Department Manager, Store Manager, Category Management, Buyer Excellent opportunities are then provided by Franchised distribution chains. Companies using this distribution model are very interested in figures trained in RETAIL MANAGEMENT to whom they entrust stores with their Format. Finally, not to be underestimated is the possibility of placement in companies producing goods and products. Having a solid preparation in RETAIL will give concrete tools to operate in the best way both to those who will have to deal with sales and to those who will deal with Marketing in any Company.

Who is the Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management aimed at?
To young graduates, open-minded and who are always listening, ready to absorb information to be processed in teams, to find the best solutions to try in the field! Young people able to take risks, responsibilities, with good negotiation skills, Problem Solving skills and who know how to put at the center of their activities the most important resource: THE CUSTOMER

Claudio Testa

Marketing Director and commercial strategies, Biraghi

"My company, Monnalisa, is following an important path of direct presence in the national market, but especially abroad, with the opening of single-brand retail, where the customer can immediately grasp and appreciate the mood of children's fashion product, declined in the sophistication of fabrics and packaging, combined with an important fashion content. The students of the Master, from the first edition, contribute to the integration of experienced business management, the freshness of intellect and information that students, I can say, have acquired. I renew my profound awareness that working on an advanced national and international retail and digital policy, both offline and online, remains the key to the distribution success of our companies!

Piero Iacomoni

Chairman Monnalisa

"We have been activating for a couple of years now the collaboration with students coming from the Master in Global Marketing & Retail Management and the Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management.
The mission of the Borgo Italia network, which is representative of a dozen Italian companies focused in the fashion and accessories sector, is to develop opportunities in export to Far Eastern and American markets.
Students, after a short training period in Italy, are assigned to the various "Borgo Italia" desks around the world. To date: Seoul, Chongqing, New York, Montreal, Singapore and Moscow. An important synergy between the business world and the world of students, well trained in the path of future managers"

Lucia Fanfani

Co-ordinator General Borgo Italia

"Being part of a retail group with a network of national or international stores means seeking efficiency and excellence in every single management and service KPI of every single store. It means actively belonging to a brand, making it your own and making the shopping experience unique in whatever role the company plays. However, this means continuous training of new talents, who can constantly face the changes that the market requires. Since the first edition of the Master in Retail Management at the University of Turin, Conbipel has had the good fortune to actively participate in the training and tutoring of the young people of the Master who want to compete and make a career in our company and in our sector. The exchange, with the University and with young people, is also a factor of growth and comparison for us, because it is also through them that we can evaluate our company in terms of positioning, recognition and employer branding. Finally, the internships are a real opportunity to evaluate the entire process of alternating school and work and for Conbipel represent a privileged opportunity to build part of future generations of "retail" managers.

Gianni Moscatelli

HR Director - Benetton

"The Master Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management is an excellent opportunity to confront the world of work and allows eager young people to learn how to get in touch with entrepreneurs and companies that have to take responsibility for contributing to the formation of the managerial class of the future. In addition, the study of retail allows for a concrete combination of different functions that represent the backbone of companies ranging from sales to trade marketing, from category to supply chain, from layout architecture to personnel management, without forgetting the main actor in the whole process: the consumer."

Umberto Sali

Sales Director Bahlsen Italia s.a.s.