Alumni Reviews

Master Marketing, Sales & Management in the Food Industry

"I enrolled in the Master's program in Global marketing & Retail management, right after my three-year degree in Business Administration - Marketing, with the aim of putting into practice what I had studied up to that point.
The six months I spent in the classroom allowed me to deepen my theoretical knowledge, compare myself with important managers, do a lot of group work with ever-changing goals, and above all to undertake stimulating challenges represented by two projects: P&G Award 2015 and L'Oréal Brandstorm 2016.
After the six months had passed, the goal was to carry out a period abroad, with the aim of enriching my cultural background and starting a new experience in the working world. I am now in Luxembourg to do a six-month training internship in Ferrero as Junior IT - PMO (Project Management Office), certain that this new adventure will help me grow personally and professionally."

Arianna Dall'O'

Junior IT-PMO at Ferrero

"The master's degree proved to be an excellent opportunity for me not only to enrich my CV but also for great personal growth: visits to companies, practical lessons and the comparison with professionals in the field were interesting and stimulating, even for those like me who come from a background in humanities. My experience at the University of Barcelona, in a dynamic and international context, has allowed me to acquire specific skills that I put into practice every day during my internship, where I deal with export and marketing, at Casa Radicci, a cheese producer that promotes the Made in Italy and the quality of the Italian dairy tradition in our country and around the world.

Francesca Zoccheddu

Junior Manager House Radicci

"I am 25 years old and graduated in 2016 in "Communication Science" from the University of Turin. I have been a student-worker since the age of 18.
Following graduation, I decided to enroll in this master's program looking for an opportunity that could change my life!
So it was. Initially I certainly felt motivated, but at the same time afraid of the educational offerings of the Master's program, as I did not feel that I fully possessed the necessary skills to tackle this path, as a student coming from the faculty of Economics might feel instead! I later realized that my fears were absolutely unfounded! Thanks to the organization of the master's program and a lot of personal effort on my part, in a short time I was able to acquire the skills necessary to complete the course! It was really a great challenge, which gave me the opportunity to start another equally stimulating one, in Lidl Italy!
I highly recommend it!"

Giulia Guidobaldi

LIDL Store Manager

"Participating in the 4th edition of the Master in Global Marketing & Retail Management directed by Prof.
Anna Claudia Pellicelli was definitely one of the best choices made from an educational and
professional point of view. The opportunity to follow and interact during classes held by both top managers and prominent professors from UNITO can only enrich personal preparation, nowadays more and more essential to fully enter the world of work. I am currently doing an internship within the Project Management Office of Ferrero International in Luxembourg. Needless to say, an international experience in a world-leading company has always been my dream, fulfilled also and above all thanks to the high quality of lessons that only a Master's program like this can give."

Daniel Montanaro

Junior Project Manager
Ferrero International

"If someone asked me to describe this master in three adjectives I would say without any doubt FORMATIVE, INTERESTING and USEFUL. I am happy to have chosen to do a master's degree instead of a specialist one because in this way I had the opportunity to get closer in a useful way to what is the world of work. During the master I had the opportunity to put into practice what until then had been my training path. In addition, the master gave me the opportunity to get my current job as an executive account in Diageo Italia Spa and for this I can only be grateful to the companies that participated, to the professors ... But especially to Prof. Bollani and Prof. Pellicelli".

Francesca Brasso

DIAGEO Executive Account

"The master's program allowed me to discover the world of Marketing in all its facets. I was afraid that my humanities background would be a hindrance and that the Economics exams would prove too difficult.
In reality, thanks to the lectures, the professors' expertise and strong motivation, all fears turned out to be unfounded. It was a stimulating and enriching experience from an educational and human point of view. The lectures are stimulating and practical, the group work and testimonials with companies allow you to really understand what skills are most in demand and how to mature them.
I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start their journey in the world of Marketing."

Chiara Piras