Partner Reviews

Master Marketing, Sales & Management in the Food Industry

"The Master Marketing & Digital Management in the Food & BeverageIndustry aims to train managerial figures in the Food & Beverage sector.
Excellencies, partners of the Master's program, contribute to active participation in teaching with testimonials, case studies, workshops and projects in the field. Reducing the distance between learning and profession enables young people to develop not only professional skills but also the soft skills needed to fill management positions.
In order to meet the challenges and opportunities of international markets, special attention is given to international marketing, trade marketing, purchasing, sales, business agreements, finance and control, supply chain management, food-waste & food-recycling, labeling, digital marketing and social media marketing.
Included in the Master's program is the University Postgraduate Course in Food & Beverage Management in Barcelona. Collaboration with partner companies provides students with opportunities for initial job placement in marketing, purchasing, sales, finance and control, supply chain management, digital marketing and social media marketing in Italy and abroad."


Director of the Master's Program "Marketing, Omnichannel Sales & Digita Management"
and the Master's Program "Marketing & Digital Management in the Food Industry"
Full Professor of Strategic and International Marketing,
Branding and Business Economics and Management
Department of Management
SME - University of Turin

"The Master's Degree Marketing & Digital Management in the Food and Beverage Industry offers future managers training in the basic legal principles of the sector and the forms of protection that can be used to defend themselves, including as a preventive measure, on the national and international market from the danger of counterfeit food products. A deeper knowledge of the possible risks and the remedies that can be used to avoid or counteract them makes the production and distribution of goods more efficient, enables cost savings, and achieves greater consumer protection. Appropriate marketing of the protection techniques used enhances the value of the products concerned and also gives greater security to the consumer."


Professor of Commercial Law
Department of Management - University of Turin
Lawyer at the Court of Turin

"The Master Marketing & Digital Management in the Food and Beverage Industry offers the opportunity to access professional positions of certain interest to candidates as the approach to markets, moreover in continuous evolution, increasingly requires a high level of specialization and knowledge of what are the dynamics that govern the processes of a modern company, but at the same time must provide advice to the customer on all aspects that govern a business relationship, because today, after the product, the real key to success is the service offered.
Starting from these assumptions, the Master's program integrates perfectly with the needs required by the world of work, helping to train the new managers of the future with the necessary preparation to pay the right attention both to the customer/end consumer and to the sustainable development of their company."


Bahlsen Sales Director