Alumni Reviews

Master in Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management

"The Master's degree in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management was a unique experience; it allowed me to deepen the theoretical foundations I learned during my three-year studies, but with a completely new approach: dynamic, practical and business-oriented. Thanks to this master's degree I had the opportunity to participate in the international CEO Challenge competition organized by Procter&Gamble and to rank among the South European finalists, thus enriching my resume.
I recommend this master's program for those who are eager to learn, perfect themselves and get involved in a dynamic and international environment."

Gianluca Graglia

IX EDITION student 

"I attended the Master's program in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management in 2012/2013. It was an excellent experience that allows you to begin to understand the logic of the business. The classes are taught by experts who come from successful companies and work with students to convey their experience in a very pragmatic way. This has been the springboard for an incredible international adventure, professionally and in life.
Through the master's program, I had the opportunity to participate in a market development project in Chile. This first experience then opened up so many avenues, I worked at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Chile, organized food industry events to promote Made in Italy food in South America, and more... These various work experiences helped me create a significant network of contacts. Now I am back in Italy and work as Country Manager Spain & South America following the market in a company that works worldwide and bases 75% of its turnover abroad "

John Benassi

Country Manager Spain at QRP International
Currently Sales Manager and Business Developer at REED EXHIBITIONS

"The experience of Internship in Monnalisa included different aspects of Retail Marketing, my task was to monitor and study the British market, through market research to analyze consumer behavior. In addition, I had the opportunity to follow the sales campaign that will be held in the Showroom from June to September. Another task I was given was to analyze the British e-commerce market, understand the company's positioning on the web and make an analysis of their retailers' customers.

Virginia Rollo

Corner Manager Harrods
Currently Assistant Store Manager PINK SHIRTMAKER

"My experience during the Master's program in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management was positive as I was able to engage with professionals in the field. I especially benefited greatly from the internship at Ferrero, which allowed me to work and train within an international company and set me on the path to my current job position at FCA Bank."

Mark Rizzi

Internship at Ferrero, Cross selling & personal loans at FCA bank
Currently Territory Sales Manager at KOMATSU

"I participated in the first edition of the Master, then Retail Marketing and Store management. The topics dealt with in the classroom, with professionalism and competence, have allowed me to enter the world of work certainly with a fast track: in fact, in the interviews, telling my professional background and training, certainly stood out compared to other competitors a degree that today few in Italy have, compared to the various degrees, now in my opinion too inflated: I received a contract of employment a few weeks before finishing the training period in the classroom. If I could, I would do the Master again ten times: it was a wonderful experience that I still remember with great pleasure both from the emotional point of view, because I met wonderful companions and professors, and from the professional point of view, because the teachers and managers of companies that have collaborated are highly specialized, helping me to understand how important it is for me to work in the retail world in a serious way.four years after the Master, thanks to the training I received, I was permanently employed at Intesa Sanpaolo, but previously I have worked in other commercial activities at other Italian and international banks. I am a Compliance Specialist, and I am in charge of adapting the processes and procedures of the Bank to the new reference regulations, constantly confronting myself with the Business functions, certainly with a different touch, thanks to the training background, which allows me not to lose sight of the needs of the commercial network.

Salvatore Di Letizia

Compliance Specialist
Currently Digital Business Partner at INTESA SANPAOLO

"I attended the 3rd edition of the Master's program in Omnichannel Sales & Digital Marketing from the Turin School of Management and Economics. the master's program is divided into two phases: six months of lectures and courses at the university, the second one of internships. I personally found the lectures very interesting, because unlike traditional undergraduate courses, where lectures are very theoretical, the study and activities are basically practical. In addition, many lectures, and in some cases entire courses, are taught by professionals in the field. After the conclusion of the classes, I started my internship at Monnalisa, an Arezzo-based company among the market leaders in the kids fashion industry. After a training period at their headquarters in Arezzo, I moved to Shanghai to work in the local office, which manages foreign production and logistics. I was also involved in market research entrusted to me by the marketing department, and on a few occasions in factory quality control. I can undoubtedly say that it was a wonderful experience. Today, a few days after the conclusion of my internship, I am preparing to return to Italy, where I will start working for Robe di Kappa."

Roberto Bassi

Sales and Account Manager at BasicNet SpA
Currently Ousourcing Manager at BASICNET Asia Ltd.

"I am 25 years old and graduated in 2016 in "Communication Science" from the University of Turin. I have been a student-worker since the age of 18.
Following graduation, I decided to enroll in this master's program looking for an opportunity that could change my life!
So it was. Initially I certainly felt motivated, but at the same time afraid of the educational offerings of the Master's program, as I did not feel that I fully possessed the necessary skills to tackle this path, as a student coming from the faculty of Economics might feel instead! I later realized that my fears were absolutely unfounded! Thanks to the organization of the master's program and a lot of personal effort on my part, in a short time I was able to acquire the skills necessary to complete the course! It was really a great challenge, which gave me the opportunity to start another equally stimulating one, in Lidl Italy!
I highly recommend it!"

Giulia Guidobaldi

Store Manager Lidl

"A fundamental experience for my personal growth that has allowed me to confirm and consolidate my skills in business and marketing, giving me the immediate opportunity for an important professional outlet".

Niccolò Paoletti

Currently District Manager at CALZEDONIA GROUP.

"A master's degree is the sum of the professionals, the students, the experience gained and the possibilities offered. I'm happy with my choice, because I found managers happy to show us their world, a heterogeneous group to socialize with at work and not, I had many practical experiences to help my training and I had the opportunity to choose from many ways that best fit my expectations. The master led me to work in a very important advertising agency, helping me to discover the world of communication. At Leo Burnett I was able to work with major brands in the automotive sector, a field that has always fascinated me.

Emilio Araldi

Account Manager at LEO BURNETT

"I attended the Master's program in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management in 2013/2014.
After attending the intensive class period taught by renowned industry professionals, I chose to intern in the world of Digital Marketing.

My experience takes place at Twago, Europe's leading international platform for online work based in Berlin. My duties are in the field of Customer Support & Community Management. This fantastic experience allows me to put into practice the various techniques of Social Media Marketing and Communication to interface with consumers, learn about the dynamics of the online marketplace and learn new facets of Web Marketing every day.

Clara Carreras

Community Manager at TWAGO

"I decided to participate in the Master's program in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management driven by the desire to put a twist on my academic studies in the field of foreign languages, thus combining them with new knowledge and trying to combine both. It is a course that involves a lot of practical tests such as group work and presentations in front of managers of partner companies, but nevertheless, theoretical teaching is not neglected through lectures given by professors from the Department of Management."

Federica Maggiotto

Social Media & Events Organization

"It was usefull experience, which allowed me to get the knowledges about modern tendencies in marketing and sales in Italy and Spain from the persons, who make it as their daily job in different market fields. For the moment I have an internship as a Cosmetic marketing assistant for international markets in Equilibra."

Anastasiia Orlenko

Marketing Manager EQUILIBRA

"I enrolled in the Master's program in Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management, right after my three-year degree in Business Administration - Marketing, with the aim of putting into practice what I had studied up to that point.
The six months I spent in the classroom allowed me to deepen my theoretical knowledge, compare myself with important managers, do a lot of group work with ever-changing aims, and above all to undertake stimulating challenges represented by two projects: P&G Award 2015 and L'Oréal Brandstorm 2016.
After the six months had passed, the goal was to carry out a period abroad, with the aim of enriching my cultural background and starting a new experience in the working world. I am now in Luxembourg to do a six-month training internship in Ferrero as Junior IT - PMO (Project Management Office), certain that this new adventure will help me grow personally and professionally."

Arianna Dall'O'

Junior IT-PMO at Ferrero
Currently Business Process Delivery on Digital Marketing Project at ACCENTURE

"Thanks to the Master´s course (3 editions), I had the opportunity to delve into certain topics in a practical way.
This allowed me to obtain the skills necessary to deal competitively with
The current world of work.
The Master´s program is completely focused on the transmission of knowledge and its immediate use through group work, presentations and debates. All enriched by the presence of guests such as professors, professionals and managers from the most successful business realities."

Federico Sucato

MCM Consultant
Go On group

"Thanks to the Master in Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management, I had the opportunity to deepen, from a more practical point of view, thanks to the numerous company testimonials, everything that I had previously studied on a purely theoretical level.
The master's degree has, in addition, allowed me to come into contact with an important corporate reality, Calzedonia Group, for which I am currently doing the training period, with a view to hiring"

Carolina Morino

District Manager
CALZEDONIA Group (Intimissimi)

"I took part in the fifth edition of the Master in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management. This path allowed me to get in touch with managers and relevant professional figures and to consolidate my previous knowledge in marketing with a special focus on retail. An integral part of this Master's program was the group work that, on the one hand, allowed me to truly understand what it means to work in a team (an indispensable element for those who intend to work in a company) and, on the other hand, was of great help from a personal point of view by helping me overcome my fear of public speaking.
My experience has just begun as I am now putting the lessons learned into practice, at SQUARE Reply."

Elizabeth Orrù

Square Reply
Currently Business & Integration Arch Senior Analyst at ACCENTURE

"I evaluate the master's degree absolutely positively.
My course of study in the three-year degree was far from the economic disciplines, and the master's program gave me the opportunity to learn about all the dynamics of marketing and retail that I had never dealt with before. I chose this master's degree because of my previous work experience in the retail field, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to train to work in this field.
The key aspect that enriched me the most was the group work and meetings with company managers."

Andrea Parisi

District Manager Gruppo CALZEDONIA (Intimissimi)

"I would make the same choice again. This Master's program was an opportunity for me to grow not only professionally but also personally. The company visits, classroom presentations by managers, and group work were useful and inspiring!
In addition to being an opportunity for growth, this master's program has been a challenge for me. A challenge that allowed me to embark on a wonderful experience at Toyota Motor Europe!"

Isabel Di Dato

HR European Learning & Development Inter
Toyota Motor Europe

"I came to know about the Master's in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management after finishing my studies leading to a bachelor's degree in communication sciences.
I had no experience in business, however I have always had an interest in marketing and everything related to it. The master's experience allowed me to meet many experts in the field and attend testimonials from companies. The most important thing that the master's program left me with is the internship, through which I became part of the working world. As of today, I am employed at Syrio (Equilibra Group) a company that deals with the trade of cosmetics and supplements in the pharmacy channel. I joined the company thanks to the internship that was offered to me during my participation in the Master's program."

Alice Bonino

Syrio srl (Equilibra)

"I took part in the third edition of the Master in Marketing Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management.
Thanks to this I had the opportunity to broaden my 360° vision; this path has in fact allowed me, on the one hand, to get in touch with relevant professional figures and, on the other, to integrate my previous knowledge with a focus on Retail and Marketing.
An integral part of these six months has been the group work that has allowed me to better learn the meaning of TEAM - indispensable for those who intend to approach a business reality.
My experience is not over yet because it now sees me putting into practice the lessons learned during the course, at Ferrero, home of the well-known Nutella "
Alessandra Lauria - Internship in the IT area at Ferrero.
Currently Digital Marketing Consultant at ACCENTURE
"I participated in the last edition of the master's program in Global Marketing & Retail Management! My internship took place in England at Monnalisa, a company operating in the luxury sector as far as children's fashion is concerned,and I dealt specifically with web marketing, competition analysis, price analysis and discounts.
I learned how to cope with difficulties and unforeseen events and face a different environment as London is precisely.
My experience was magnificent and radically changed the way I faced the business world. But first and foremost, I grew a lot both personally and professionally."


Junior Analyst Intern at ACCENTURE

"The master's degree proved to be an excellent opportunity for me not only to enrich my CV but also for great personal growth: visits to companies, practical lessons and the comparison with professionals in the field were interesting and stimulating, even for those like me who come from a background in humanities. My experience at the University of Barcelona, in a dynamic and international context, has allowed me to acquire specific skills that I put into practice every day during my internship, where I deal with export and marketing, at Casa Radicci, a cheese producer that promotes the Made in Italy and the quality of the Italian dairy tradition in our country and around the world.

Francesca Zoccheddu

Junior Manager House Radicci

"The Master in Omnichannel Sales & Digital Management Master's program allowed me to deepen my knowledge of marketing and sales. In fact, thanks to the face-to-face lectures with managers from internationally renowned companies and the various projects tackled in team work, I was able to put into practice the theoretical notions learned, right from the beginning of the educational path. In addition, the master's program gave me the opportunity to obtain an internship in the marketing area of Casa Radicci, a fast-growing Italian dairy company both nationally and internationally."

Davide Crosio Leonardi

Junior Manager House Radicci

"After 6 months of study in all fields, from Management Accounting to Marketing Information Systems, passing through Human Resources Management, and especially TeamWork, I started my internship experience at the Borgo Italia Consortium, led by Director Lucia Fanfani, in Seoul as Business Developer for 5 Italian companies: from Fashion to Furnishing, (Monnalisa, Maglificio Baby Miniconf Spa Florence Collections Antonio Meneghetti). After a first month of training within all company structures to understand the product, I left for Korea to understand the market, develop networking and search for Korean investors. Initially, I scored to settle in and do the appropriate research and analysis of the Korean market in the field, which I was able to complete thanks to the skills developed during the lessons and the continuous support of my companies and the Consortium. To date, after 5 months, I have opened an office BorgoItalia in Seoul, in the famous Gangnam district, Financial Center of the country, I periodically organize business trips for my companies, with local appointments with Korean companies interested in investing in their products, and we are close to the opening of Store within Hyundai Department Store. What can I say, an exciting experience for those who would like to become a Country Manager Overseas in the round ... I recommend it".

Joseph the Tower

Business Development Manager Asia Pacific
Currently International Sales & Marketing Director at GHERARDI Srl.

"Participating in the 4th edition of the Master in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management directed by Prof. Anna Claudia Pellicelli was definitely one of the best choices made from an educational and professional point of view. The opportunity to follow and interact during lectures given by both top managers and leading professors from UNITO can only enrich personal preparation, nowadays more and more essential to fully enter the working world. I am currently doing an internship within the Project Management Office of Ferrero International in Luxembourg. Needless to say, an international experience in a world-leading company has always been my dream, fulfilled also and above all thanks to the high quality of lessons that only a Master's program like this can give."

Daniel Montanaro

Junior Project Manager Ferrero International
Currently Project Consultant BTO Research

"I participated in the 5th edition of the Master's program in Omnichannel Marketing Sales & Digital Management: it is an interesting post-graduate course not only for business graduates, but also for those who have taken a different course of study. I have a master's degree in Modern Languages and initially had no experience in business. The master's program allowed me to be able to attend several company testimonials and interact with various professionals in the field, to mature teamwork skills thanks to group work, but especially to learn about and make my own the elements of marketing and digital that I will now put into practice at Fior di Loto Company."

Antonia Sonia Mileto

Junior Marketing Manager Fior di Loto
Currently Communication Assistant at EQUILIBRA Srl.