The experience of internship in Monnalisa included several aspects of Retail Marketing, my job was to monitor and study the British market, through market research to analyze the behavior of the consumer. Also I had the opportunity to follow the sales campaign to be held in the Showroom from June to September. Another task that I was given was to analyze the British e-commerce market, understand the positioning of the company on the web and do an analysis of the retailers their customers

Virginia Rollo

Head of Harrods Corner

My experience began with an internship aimed at the search for investors in Chile and Latin America interested in opening sales points of the representative brands the Consorzio Borgo Italia. I have jointly carried out web marketing activities, organization of events and market studies. Today I work both at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Chile and at Monnalisa

John Benassi

Country Manager Spain, QRP

After six months of full-field study, I started my internship experience at the Consorzio Borgo Italia, in Seoul, as a Business Developer for five Italian companies operating in different sectors, from Fashion to furnishing. After a first month of internal training, I went to Korea to look for new investors. Today, after five months, I opened a Borgo Italia office in Seoul, where I regularly organize corporate business trips and are coming to the opening of the store inside the Hyundai Department store. What about, an exciting experience all round, I recommend

Joseph the Tower

Business Development Manager Area Far East, Borgo Italia Seoul

I attended the past edition of the Master in Marketing, Sales & Digital Communication. I found the lessons very interesting since very practical and often are taught by professionals in the industry. Then I have the internship at Monnalisa. After a first period of training at the Arezzo office, I was transferred to the local office in Shanghai, dealing both with foreign production and logistics. Today, I returned to Italy after finishing the internship, I work as Sales and Acconunt Manager at basicnet

Roberto Bassi

Sales and Account Manager, basicnet

I became acquainted with the Master in Marketing, Sales & Digital Communication After completing the course of studies that led me to the Bachelor's degree in communication sciences. I had no experience in the economic field, however I have always had interest in marketing and everything related to it. The experience of the Master has allowed me to know authoritative experts in the field and to witness numerous company testimonials. I have done the internship and currently work at Syrio (Gruppo Equilibra), a company that deals with the trade in cosmetics and supplements in the pharmacy channel

Alice Bonino


After attending the period of intensive lessons given by renowned professionals in the field, I opted for an internship in the world of Digital Marketing. At Twago, Europe's leading international platform for online work, I dealt with Customer Support & Community Management

Clara Carreras

Community Manager, Twago Berlin

Thanks to the Master in Marketing, Sales & Digital Communication I had the opportunity to expand my vision to 360 °, the path of studies has allowed me on the one hand to get in touch with relevant professional figures, on the other to integrate my knowledge With a focus on Retail and Marketing. An integral part of these six months was the group work. Today, I have the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned, at the Ferrero, homeland of the Nutella note

Martin Lauria


The Master in marketing, Sales & Digital Communication is an annual post-graduate course useful for all those students who want to apply their knowledge learned in the world of marketing and retail. The stage envisaged in the second part of the course allows you to look at national and international realities, and to begin to understand the dynamics of today's business contexts

The man

Marketing Department, Balance

Through the Master in Marketing, Sales & Digital Communication came into contact with professionals in the field. The internship carried out in Ferrero allowed me to work and form an international company and to start my current position in FCA Bank

Mark Rizzi

Cross Selling & Personal Loans, FCA Bank

I played the internship in England at the company Monnalisa dealing with web marketing, analysis of competition, analysis of prices and discounts. It was a wonderful experience that radically changed the way I approached the world of work, I grew up both personally and professionally


Junior Analyst Intern, Accenture Italia

A master is the sum of the professionals, the students, the acquired experiences and the possibilities offered. I am happy with my choice, because I found managers happy to show us their world, a heterogeneous group with which to socialize at work level and not, I had many practical experiences of great help to my training and I had the concrete opportunity To choose among many roads the best suited to my expectations. The master led me to work in a very important advertising agency, helping me to discover the world of communication. In Leo Burnett I have been able to work with big brands in the automotive sector, a field that I have always been passionate about.

Emilio Araldi

Leo Burnett Account